PDFs are easily distributable form but they can not be spread & stored easily as Catalog Xpress. Brochures or Small Product Catalogs can use PDF Catalogs to have their presence in eCatalog world.


At Expo

Along with your ecatalog, catalog xpress generates a QR code enables easy access of your catalog. Display QR code at at exhibition centers for visitor to scan & download. It will save your catalog printing cost as well as the tension of lacking of adequate prints at moment.


At Retail

Display QR code at prominent places and let visiotor scan it to download your catalog on mobile.


On Stationery

Expand the reach of your digital catalog by adding QR code on your office Stationery and marketing material.

Have Ready Brochure

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Upload your brochure in PDF format. Fill up your info and submit. You will receive an eCatalog of your uploaded brochure via email. You could share it with Catalog Code or QR Code or even a web link provided in the same email.
In case of your JPG brochure simply convert it to PDF and upload and we will do the rest for you.

Maximum file size 20 MB.
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Pay as you use

PDf catalog has a flexibility to opt it as and when required. You can subscribe as per your usage like temperory period fromexhibition to exhibition or once in a year and so on.

  • Subscribe as you need
  • No annual contract or hidden charges

Get Inspired

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